About Us

eReuse is a student start-up and not-for-profit organisation with the goal of supporting a sustainable e-waste management system by exploring 'soft solutions', in areas such as community engagement, research pathways for university students, press and publishing and youth engagement.
eReuse is now an official Arc @ UNSW student development program

At eReuse, we recognise the importance of waste management in the environmental crisis of our time. A crucial aspect of our impact on the environment is not just our extraction or destruction of virgin materials, but also our damaging disposal of products created through artificial transformations of 'natural' goods.

We see e-waste as an interesting phenomenon. Computers are a highly useful tool, responsible for many advancements in our modern times, but also highly manufactured, toxic to our environment and difficult to recycle. They exemplify many of the reasons why we produce such goods, why they become waste and how we have an imbalance in social opportunities.

eReuse is excited to announce that we have just been an accepted as an official Arc student development program for 2017. Our partnership with Arc is helping eReuse connect with the wider student and staff community within the University of New South Wales.

What we do

Refurbish computers

We have created a reuse system of collecting and refurbishing old computers from UNSW.

Helping Local Communities

We partner with local social service providers to work on systems-based solutions to community issues.

Promoting Innovation

We run a wide variety of programs that tap into our operations to allow students and the public to participate in and drive our work.

Sustainability Research

We aim to interest undergraduate students in research pathways, hold public events to communicate our research and to participate at the policy level.


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