For Community Centres

For community centres, eReuse offers a viable way of engaging citizens through up-skilling the workforce and offering them a pathway towards achieving personal aspirations. Our key services involve: selling low-cost computers to socio-economically disadvantaged individuals, selling computers in bulk for computer labs and organising computer skills programs.

Computers for sale

The cost-effective computers offered by eReuse may be used by community centres to target various needs. For example, for immigrants, job-seekers and trainees in particular, these computers may be a economical way of delivering career counselling and training programs. Using eReuse as a referral service, caseworkers and councillors can refer clients requiring computers with ease. Read More

Computer Skills

eReuse is focused on enhancing the digital experience for all of its customers. To optimise user experience, we are providing customers with limited computing skills guidance on computer/PC set-up. Read more

Community Organisations

Some community organisations we have worked with in the past include:


If you are a caseworker or manager at a local community centre and would like to collaborate, please contact:

Saane Dyer
eReuse Community Officer

Saane is happy to answer any questions, provide information and resources and to visit your centre and have a chat about how eReuse can work together with your centre.

Examples of Past Projects

2015 IESMI Employment Expo


2015 Woolooware Shores Retirement Village – Computer Classes

  • Series of Computer Skills classes at Woolooware Shores Retirement Village, hosted by their own Computer Club.
  • Topics covered included emails, internet browsing and social media.
  • Format included talks and one-on-one tutorials



Flyers and Information

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