Hardware Lessons

We will be providing basic hardware lessons hosted during UNSW MCIC’s Fix It Fridays event, which will be open to all students.

These events will be hosted every Friday from Week 1 onwards, and the eReuse lessons will be on the first hour of events. During this hour, we will alternate between hardware lessons and practical application of the lessons, with the specific topics shown below.

Venue: Michael Crouch Innovation Centre
Time: Every Friday at 6-7pm

Lesson Schedule:

Week 1: Hardware basics
Week 2: Hardware basics (Practical)
Week 3: Cleaning
Week 4: Cleaning (Practical)
Week 5: Repairing
Week 6: Repairing (Practical)

This six week program will repeat after Week 6, and will continue throughout the whole semester.

Image from an eReuse student events.