Refurbishment Workshop

websiteinfo (1)The Refurbishment Workshop is at the heart of eReuse’s operations. It is where e-waste collection is received and where our final products displayed in the shop come from. Through the operation of this workshop, eReuse is able to achieve its goal of creating a fully contained and sustainable local e-waste management system.

When computers are received, the donating clients must sign a form declaring that they acknowledge the refurbishment process that their computer will undergo.

All computers and associated peripherals that we receive are cleaned, and any damaged parts will either be fixed or replaced. Any potential upgrades to the computer are considered at this point.

The next stage is data destruction – this is to ensure that any personal information is completely destroyed and any potential viruses are eliminated to prevent identity theft and performance issues. All hard drives go through Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) data wiping software in order to make them blank and fresh for recycling.

Once data wiping is complete, we install Linux, a free and open-source operating system. All the latest updates are installed, and Linux Ubuntu is loaded to give a similar feel to the familiar Windows operating system.

Next, the computers undergo specification checks to ascertain their relative power and performance. Quality control also takes place to ensure all systems and drivers are working properly.

Finally, the computers are catalogued and uploaded to our online shop. Every computer is given a name and a brief story so as to add sentimental value and encourage long-term usage. All computers are set to have an eReuse wallpaper to remind users where the computer comes from and where they should be returned if they are no longer used.