Sustainability Research

eReuse is engaged with e-waste research in two UNSW Schools in the Faculty of Engineering, with the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, covering an environmental systems scope, and the Centre for Sustainable Materials, Research and Technology (SMaRT), covering a recycling materials scope. We aim to interest undergraduate students in research pathways, hold public events to communicate our research and to participate at the policy and planning level of e-waste management.

Current Students

Julie Tran

Julie is a third year Bachelor of Civil Engineering/Bachelor of Science (Psychology) student at UNSW and also eReuse’s Press and Research Officer. Julie has been engaged by eReuse to produce analysis for a public readership on the state of e-waste information in Australia, attitudes found towards reporting environmental news and topical research questions on the biggest issues surrounding e-waste. Furthermore, Julie will conduct interviews with our existing industry and research partners, to explore their passions, story and lessons learnt.



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